Wow, another year in the books! And so it’s time again for us to share our top 10 EduGals podcast episodes of the past year. It’s crazy to think that we published 41 episodes of our podcast in 2021 and we are so grateful to all of you, our listeners!

In this post, we’re going to count down our top 10 episodes of the EduGals podcast from the 2021 year. Be sure to check the episodes out if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet and feel free to leave us feedback on our Flipgrid or on our website. We love hearing from our listeners and we do this podcast for you. So let us know what you think or if you have suggestions for future podcast episodes!

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Now let’s dive into our top 10 EduGals podcast episodes of 2021!

10. Summer Learning For Teachers (E053)

Summer learning for teachers

Coming in at #10 is our episode on summer learning for teachers. In this episode, we explore a variety of different EdTech training and certification programs including the Google Certified Educator certifications, Modern Classrooms Project, and more.

Looking back on our year, both Katie and I re-certified our Google Certifications for both level 1 and 2. We also both completed the Modern Classrooms free course and I just became a distinguished Modern Classrooms educator! It’s been a productive year for us and our learning.

Our best advice for approaching any new learning: pick one or two areas to focus on and stick with that. There is no need to do ALL the things… you’ll just get burnt out in the process if you try to do so.

Be sure to check out our detailed show notes for our summer learning for teachers episode to learn more!

9. How To Get Your Mojo Back After Pandemic Teaching (E057)

How to get your mojo back after pandemic teaching

Coming in at #9 is our episode on finding your mojo and motivation with starting a new school year still feeling burnt out and exhausted. In this episode, we chat about organization tools such as planners, as well as goal setting, boundaries on your time, innovation in the classroom, and reading to consider.

In retrospect, maybe we were a bit too optimistic that the worst of the pandemic was over in light of the new variants that we’re now dealing with. With so much uncertainty going into 2022, this episode still has some really great ideas to help you find some much needed balance as we move forward.

Be sure to check out our detailed show notes for more great ideas on how to get your mojo back!

8. Digital Organization for Teachers (E062)

Digital organization for teachers

Coming in at #8 is our EduGals podcast episode on digital organization. We love talking organization so this was a great episode with many tips and tricks on digital planning, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Canva, Slides Mania, and Gmail.

What are your favourite ways to get and stay organized as a teacher? I (Rachel) am loving digital planning on my iPad and find that it is maximizing my productivity and helping me to keep track of everything I need to get done. Katie loves paper planning and is so happy with her Happy Planner (no pun intended!).

We’ve got so many other great digital organization ideas for you in the show notes for this episode. Check it out!

7. Lessons Learned In Virtual Teaching with Caitlin Kemp (E061)

Lessons learned in virtual teaching with Caitlin Kemp

Coming in at #7 is our episode with Caitlin Kemp, all about what to keep and what to ditch from virtual learning. There were so many great lessons learned from the past school year to bring forward and this episode is rich with amazing advice on where we should focus our attention in our classrooms this year.

We are so glad that this episode resonated with our listeners! We also think this one is worth listening to again as we head into the new year with lots of uncertainty around virtual/in-person learning.

Be sure to dive into the show notes for this episode to learn more about Caitlin’s journey!

6. A to Z EdTech Toolkit Part 1 (E058)

A to Z EdTech Toolkit Part 1

Coming in at #6 is the first part of our two part series of our A to Z EdTech Toolkit. In this episode, we go through the first half of the alphabet and discuss our favourite EdTech tools associated with each letter.

We had so much fun creating this episode – it really helped us to stretch our thinking and brain power to come up with EdTech tools for each letter of the alphabet. There are so many amazing tools available to teachers so give this episode a listen if you need some new ideas to add to your EdTech toolbox.

Check out the show notes for this episode to access all of the links for these tools. Also, check out episode 59 for part 2 of the A to Z edtech toolkit.

5. Setting Up Your Virtual Learning Space (E056)

Setting up your virtual learning space

Coming in at #5 is our episode all about setting up your virtual learning space (otherwise known as your learning management system or LMS).

This episode is full of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you effectively and efficiently organize your digital learning space for your students. It doesn’t matter what LMS you use, you will find lots of great ideas for setting up your layout and homepage, organizing your course materials, and designing inclusive online spaces for your students.

Access our detailed show notes to learn more great ideas for setting up your virtual learning space.

4. Supporting English Language Learners In Your Classroom (E055)

Supporting english language learners in your classroom

Coming in at #4 is an episode that is near and dear to Katie’s heart – supporting our English language learners in our classroom.

In this episode, we explore various ways to leverage technology to support our English language learners. We talk about overall tips and strategies as well as specific EdTech tools, such as Google Read&Write, Mote, and more!

Check out our show notes for detailed ways to support your english language learners.

3. Preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam (E052)

Preparing for the Google Certified Educator level 2 exam

Coming in at #3 is our episode all on our best tips and strategies for preparing for the Google Certified Educator, Level 2 exam.

Both Katie and I (Rachel) needed to complete our re-certification exams this year for both level 1 and level 2 Google Certified Educator. We share so many great resources in this episode that it is definitely one you will want to listen to if you are preparing for your exam.

Just a quick note though… the format of the exams has changed since we recorded this episode so be sure to check out the Google Teacher Center for all of the latest details.

Read our detailed show notes for lots of great tips and tricks to ace your level 2 certification exam.

2. Destreaming Education: Our Two Cents (E048)

Destreaming Education: Our Two Cents

Coming in at #2 is our episode on our thoughts and reflections around why destreaming in education is essential.

In this episode, we discuss why academic streaming needs to go as well as what some potential solutions and approaches you can use to successfully destream your courses. This episode is worth checking out, especially as we begin to destream more of our courses over the next few years.

Be sure to also access our detailed show notes for this episode to access all the destreaming resources we discuss.

1. Organizing & Cleaning Up Your Google Drive (E043)

Organizing and cleaning up your Google Drive

And… coming in at #1 is our episode on getting organized with Google Drive.

This episode is filled with so many tips and ideas for organizing your Google Drive. It’s so easy for our digital files to get out of control quickly and taking some time to get organized is essential! Listen in as we go over our best organizational tips and strategies to help you take control of your Google Drive.

Get yourself and your Google Drive organized for the new year and check out our detailed show notes for this episode to learn more.

Thanks for checking out our most popular EduGals podcast episodes of 2021!

What was your favourite podcast episode from this year? Did it make our top 10 list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t forget to go onto our Flipgrid or leave us a comment here.

We wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for listening and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you into 2022.

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