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This week, we are diving deeper into the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) framework by exploring multiple means of engagement in the classroom. Specifically, we are focusing our discussion on how to spark excitement and curiosity in the classroom.

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Featured Content

  • UDL Guidelines from CAST.org
  • Providing multiples means of engagement pillar (the WHY of learning):
    • Recruiting Interest
      • Providing options, different modalities
      • information that you have, that your learners are not, engaged with or interested in is actually information that’s inaccessible to them
    • Sustaining effort and persistence
    • Self-regulation

Recruiting Interest:

  • Optimize individual choice and autonomy
    • Curriculum is not a choice but we can build in opportunities for choice elsewhere
    • Skills-based courses can provide more choice in terms of student interests
    • Choice in how information is obtained
    • Doesn’t need to be a lot of choices
    • Involve students in success criteria, themes, resources in projects
    • Involve learners in setting their own goals
    • Point-less by Sarah Zerwin book
  • Optimize relevance, value and authenticity
    • CRRP
    • Resources that are socially relevant, age and ability appropriate, first languages
    • Instructional videos on YouTube for auto-translated captioning
    • Google Translate is useful too
    • Active participation and participation – hands-on activities, whiteboards
    • Authentic tasks
  • Minimize threats and distractions
    • Creating a safe learning space for students
    • Maslow’s hierarchy
    • Language as a threat – shutdown, fear can happen
    • Too much sensory stimulation can be a threat/distraction – minimize the fluff, use the same templates, routine is great for student learning
    • Self-pacing with Modern Classrooms
    • Whole class discussions – think about your extraverts and introverts, use backchannel tools (padlet, google chat), video presentations

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