This week has been a very difficult week. We have been following the news coming from the US, and the protests across North America.

We have not posted this week because there’s no way to return to business as usual. While we want to help educators, technology tools seem so trivial compared to the systemic racism, assaults, and murders that are happening, have happened, and will continue to happen to people of colour until there are huge changes to our society.

We are both white. We have never had to worry about how we are treated, who we can trust, or whether we are at risk of dying/being killed at the hands of those that are supposed to protect us.

This week, we have taken the week to read, watch, and educate ourselves on the events unfolding/continuing in the US and we want to use our voice to support #BlackLivesMatter.

As mothers, educators, podcasters, and as human beings, we can NOT stay silent.

We can NOT simply watch what is happening.

We MUST speak out against hatred and racism, and the disgusting, appalling and terrifying actions of those in power.

Canada is not immune to racism, either – let’s be clear. We have a dark history of racism, and that racism is still present in society today.

We will be using our voices to support #BlackLivesMatter; to educate ourselves, our children and others about the history and the present so that we may help to change the future.

Our silence this week has felt heavy.

It has been difficult to process all of what we have seen and heard, and it was important for us to process and reflect before reacting or responding.

We urge our followers and fellow educators to do the same. Educate yourselves on the issues, both past and present, and find a way forward.

Find your voice. Figure out how you can help support black or racialized people in your community, your province or state – wherever you are.

Your voice matters.

Take a stance against hatred, against racism.

Do what is right.


Here is a list of resources that we have come across that can be used by educators, parents or individuals to help better inform themselves of the issues.

Organizations to Support

We also urge you to consider donating to one of the many organizations that exist to support black or racialized people in your community. Here are some of the organizations that we have come across.

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